Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talking To Myself...

I haven't been happy there for quite some time. I wasn't happy when I left, and was even less happy when I returned. Am I grateful for it? Absolutely. I would never take my blessings for granted. Here's what I'm struggling with though. I believe with all my heart that God is leading me towards something so great that the depths of my imagination couldn't even begin to fathom. I really believe this. So, on one hand, I feel that I'm being held back from where I'm supposed to be...and on the other...I know I'm still there for a reason. Or, maybe the reason I'm still there is because I'm afraid to let go of what's familiar.

I thought that taking on something new would refresh me somehow and take away from the stale repetitiveness that I've been experiencing for years. In a sense, it's a better situation..but at the same time, it's starting to feel as if it may actually be worse. It's more money but, the reality is, money isn't everything especially if you're miserable in the process of making it.

There are days when I feel like not showing up at all or even worse, show up and simply acting as if I'm not there. I've been repeating to myself for what seems to be an eternity that there has got to be something better than this. The truth is, there is and I'm doing it right now. Writing is my passion and my future lies within my words. This is a part of my purpose. I don't know the exact magnitude of what impact I will have but I know that I can feel something building inside of me. I can feel my potential growing from the fact that my mind has started to wander more than usual and my thoughts are getting deeper. It's almost as if at times I black out while I'm writing because when I go back and read it, I'm amazed to the point that I question whether it was I that wrote it or not.

I know that I should and am supposed to step out on faith and believe me, I want to but in the meantime while things are being built in my new existence, things still need to be taken care of in my current one. It's not a good position to be in. The conflict is great, and the solution is not so simple.

I'm praying for and seeking direction. I'm holding on to the promise. I'm standing unshaken..patiently while all of the answers unfold before me. But until then...I'm torn between something I love to do (minus the people that make it more stressful than it's supposed to be) and something I feel I was meant to do. Ahh yes, the decisions of life.

God Bless You.

-Don Savant

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When The Son Shines...

When The Son Shines

and depressed...
a pebble in the ocean
lost in the abyss of the world

self esteem
blowing in the wind and
slipping in and out...
nowhere to be found

dreams so foul that
nightmares shy away and
goals so low that
a single positive whisper
could not find a way in...
sealed...without a shred of hope

vehemently laughed
spitting lies in my face
when it was
to lift me

my rope was ready
preferred poison picked
to declare that
enough is enough

until I
felt the presence of
something else
something that
seemed different that
seemed to be pushing me...
placing me on
a path that I hadn't traveled before
alternate route
giving me
a clear path
through my
clouded judgment
new way
out of what seemed like
no way at all

that day
the Son shined on me and
it was
at the exact moment
when I used
my last ounce of strength
last shred of faith
to call on Him
and He
released me
from the bondage of my own mind
so that
I could live the life that
His Father
intended for me

©2011 Don Savant

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Put it On Repeat!!!

Life is a series of repetitive thoughts, words and actions. Everything we learn is through some sort of repetition. Even as kids when learning to tie our shoes or when we're taught how to count or speak, even when learning the alphabet we repeat it until we know it by heart without having to think about it. We always drill things into our heads until it's common knowledge to us.

This is something we do that we never really think about and it seems that as adults we forget exactly how powerful our thoughts really are or how effective they can be. What I mean is, we often sell ourselves short of our dreams and goals. We talk ourselves out of things constantly when we should be talking or convincing ourselves that we can do them no matter what.

If you tell yourself over and over again that you can't do something, you'll start to believe it. If you don't think you're good enough to do something, be something or be with'll say and think it so much until it becomes your truth. Whether it's negative or positive, repetition plays a major role in what we accomplish in our lives.

Let's start telling ourselves what we can and will do. Focus on the things that you do want, the things that you can and will do and you'll find those things happening for you. Think about all the things we talk ourselves out of and imagine all the things that we could be talking ourselves into instead. Your dreams are yours...and no one can achieve or crush them except for you. We as individuals hold the power to speak and think anything into existence that we want. We just have to have faith and believe that we can.

Put your positive thoughts on repeat!!!

-Don Savant

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Think Past Your Struggles

Today was a struggle for me. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did so. After the first encounter that didn't go as I'd hoped, it snowballed into one encounter after the next. However, through each moment I smiled, and carried myself as I normally would. I made a conscious decision to not let those things bother me, especially the moments that were out of my control. Had I not done that, there's no telling the state of mind I would have allowed myself in, or what I'd have ended up doing. I'm pretty sure that it would have been very unnecessary.

We all encounter these moments in our lives, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly or otherwise. It's up to us to have a strong enough mindset to think our way past those moments. Shift your focus to something that makes you happy rather than dwelling on that particular situation. I promise you it will make all the difference in the world. If it didn't, I'd be sharing a completely different story. Keep yourselves in the midst of the spirit of elevation.

-Don Savant

Teenage Confessions: Think and Dream BIG!

Teenage Confessions: Think and Dream BIG!: "Thoughts become things, positive thoughts become positive things and negative
thoughts become negative things."if your going to be thinking anyway, you may as
well think big" - Donald Trump. successful people seems to have this down pact
while people who struggle don't. Their negative thoughts become or attract
failure while positive thoughts attract success or other great things. You
create your own reality it's up to you whether your a success or not. It's all
about the way you think. What you think is what you become.

Written by: Nicholas Hughes"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Who motivates you? What motivates you? When was the last time you saw or heard something that moved you so much that it made you want to get up, get out and do something?

Motivation is key to our existence in this life. If we're not motivated or moved by something, we will forever remain in the exact place in our lives. We will always be at a standstill, frustrated that nothing is moving in our lives.

We have to place ourselves in a position where our growth is inevitable. We all want to look forward to something in life. How big or small that something is depends on the strength of our minds. If we think small, we will always have small results. If we think and believe big, there is absolutely no ceiling to where we can go or what we can achieve.

We have the power within us to build things, and it all begins with a thought or a word. It then progresses to actions. Once we get something started and see the results or the fruits of our labor, it becomes difficult to look back because by that time, it's all about forward progression.

It's also important to surround yourselves with like-minded individuals. Your thought process is a fragile thing and letting anyone into that wave of information could prove to be a great success or a great failure depending on the information that you're being fed. If the people around you are always skeptical about your plans or are constantly telling you what they feel you cannot accomplish, eventually that will soak in and you will start to believe it as well. Those are the people that have no place in our lives.

Read encouraging books, articles, posts, etc. Think encouraging thoughts. Speak encouraging things over yourself and others. Always tell yourself not only that you CAN do it but that you WILL do it. As a matter of fact, you can go as far as to say that it's ALREADY DONE. Speak it!!! Breathe life into it!!! Care for it and nurture it!!! God places dreams and visions in us because in His will is purpose!!! Let Him move those mountains!!! Celebrate your accomplishments as you accomplish them. If you haven't reached your ultimate goal yet, it's alright...celebrate every step of the way!!! Love what you do and make it evident that you have a level of love in you that can't be matched by anything. It's all about
M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N (Moving Onward Towards Infinite Value Assessment Taking Initiative Over Negativity)

-Don Savant, Poet Extraordinaire

Monday, June 20, 2011

When U think PENNIES U get PENNIES...when U think DOLLARS U get other words don't come to our BIG God with your SMALL minded visions...we serve a God who does things bigger than any of us can next time u pray...pray #BIG and see the outcome...and be sure to write big as well, I love u all!!!

Repost from Johnathan Johnson (facebook)

Power of the Pen

poetry is my life
and my expression

music is
the tool that
enhances and
expands my expression
so that those with no direction
can feel what i feel
by listening
and hearing..

you may say that
those are one and the same but
to listen
all that is required
is that you
open your ears but
to hear
you must open your mind....

these are the lyrics
from my poetry
that lies within
my heart and soul and
this is the music
that i created to accompany
the words that i have written
because my power
is in my mind
and it is unleashed
through the tip of my pen....

listen attentively

Taken from the 2009 PublishAmerica release "The Lyrics of My Soul"

Available at:

Barnes and Noble


Paperback: 110 pages
Publisher: PublishAmerica (October 19, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1448927315
ISBN-13: 978-1448927319

Don Savant Quote 6-20-11

You must know the Father and accept the Son in order to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teenage Confessions: The Key to Success!

Teenage Confessions: The Key to Success!: "Opportunities come when you allow them to. You have to have an open heart and mind in order to allow it to be filled with moments that are unforgettable. I would say I wasted so much time on meaningless things and situations but in reality everything I have been through has just been preparation. Everyone have their own desires and interest, which should not be taken lightly no matter what anyone say. The good thing is that we all need enemy's (Haters) just to show them that we are who we say we are. If we did not have people disagreeing then we are obviously not doing something right. God has given us talent and gifts to bring people closer to him and to allow us to be rewarded in the process. Keep pushing yourself to your maximum limits; we only get one chance to make a difference, why not start now! It will not be easy, but it is worth the time and effort spent. The minute I open my mind to what I enjoy doing, things has started to take place in my life that I would not have imagined. The good thing is that God is not done with me yet!! I am proud of who I am and what I have become because the Lord knows I have been through a lot just to get to where I am today!! Join me in my victory in success!!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

-Regina Stevens"

Looking Forward

I'm looking forward to looking forward to the things that I have to look forward to. LOL!!!

But I'm so serious...

-Don Savant

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Refusing Silence

Refusing Silence

i pick up my pen
to write the words that
all mankind needs to hear me say but
why is my voice not heard
have i been
permanently placed on mute
has my
signal been permanently blocked
how can i
reach those who thirst
yet are being held in famine
being pulled into
false realities
when the truth
is only one page away
to the voice inside your heart
pay attention
to all of your surroundings
what you know to be true from knowledge of self
and let no one trick you
leading you to fall for what’s not real
hear my voice…
as i bring forth wisdom
for i am not afraid to go against the grain
i trust in my own perception of the world
i wonder
where we have all gone wrong
hear me…
believe me…
and release yourselves from the rut
that society has forced you in
speak you mind
live your life
and be
who you are
as opposed to
who they tell you to be

Taken from the 2009 PublishAmerica release "The Lyrics of My Soul"

Available at:

Barnes and Noble


Paperback: 110 pages
Publisher: PublishAmerica (October 19, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1448927315
ISBN-13: 978-1448927319

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Life is full of favor. Some of us may not recognize it in our lives but it's really and truly there with each step we take. To be in one's favor is basically to be in one's good graces. God shows favor in our lives on so may occasions and in so many ways that we as human beings have a tendency of overlooking or taking for granted, if you will, the things He has done for us.

It can be something as little as somehow gaining a couple of extra seconds on your way to work that caused you to be right on time instead of just a little bit late.

How many of you have started to do your laundry and found money in the pockets of your pants that you forgot you had? What about those near misses on the road where you either unknowingly pull out in front of someone, or they do it to you and neither of you were hit? That's favor.

God is constantly keeping a watch over us. Anything that happens in our lives happens with a purpose. Sometimes we don't see the purpose or know the reason but there's always something to be learned in what God allows or doesn't allow to happen. Those lessons, and that learning process is designed to strengthen us against a recurrence of that same situation. It's sort of like going to the store to buy something specific and realizing you didn't bring enough money with you. It's embarrassing, but I guarantee that you won't make that mistake again.

That's the basic principle of life. Things are going to happen, but the way we deal with those things will determine our growth. That's just how it works. God's favor is something to be grateful for. It's something to rejoice about and it's definitely not something that should be overlooked or taken for granted.

Thing about some of the more recent "situations" in your life. You'll be amazed at how much work God has put in on your behalf. That ladies and gentlemen, is favor.

Love y'all. Keep growing.

-Don Savant

Friday, June 10, 2011


Just like beauty, encouragement is also in the eye of the beholder. What does that mean? It means that every individual will find their source of encouragement in different ways.

It may come from something someone has said or done. It can also come from something we see, do or come in personal contact with. No matter what the source may be, it is a necessary part of our existence.

Encouragement is what keeps up going from moment to moment. It is the motivational tool we need to carry us through situations that may be designed to hinder is from moving forward. If for whatever reason the people and/or things around you don't of cannot offer sufficient encouragement, there is always a verse or few in the bible that will keep you on the correct path.

We were all make from a specific design and have a specific plan on this earth. It is up to us to use our given talents to find and figure out what that plan is. Once you've found it, God will open up so many doors and so many opportunities will present themselves to you. It's as if everything will automatically fall into the correct place in the correct order. This is how you know that God's will is being carried out in your life and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest source of encouragement of all.

Be blessed everyone!!!

-Don Savant

Monday, June 6, 2011

Learning To Let Go

Letting go is one of the most important aspects of growth. In life, there will be people, things and situations that will deter you from your path. There will be stumbling blocks on your journey. No matter what someone says to you, about you or does to you, that cannot be used to define you. You are who God says you are and who you believe you are. Feelings and emotions may run strong in you, but you must focus on the positive aspects and the lessons within everything that occurs in your life. Continue to push forward no matter how hard it seems. It's never about what you're called, it's about what you answer to. It's not about what the world and the people around you, or your circumstances say you can or can't do. It's about what you know and believe you can do. It's about how far you can follow God as He leads you on your journey. It's about your own willingness to succeed beyond the shadow of a doubt. Keep your head up, your thoughts positive and stay focused, one goal at a time.

-Don Savant