Sunday, June 26, 2016

Harmless Fun, Or Blatant Separation

Gravitopia is a trampoline lover's dream.  It is almost completely, wall-to-wall trampoline bouncy goodness, except for a few foam pits sprinkled about the outskirts.

As much fun as that sounds like, I was disturbed by something as I visited the place with my family.  First, there is no true "lobby" or "sitting area" available for those who are not jumping.  Instead, there are randomly...or maybe strategically...placed seats available throughout the play area.  There is obvious concern for the safety of those areas, because you are forced to sign an electronic waiver with your personal information as you enter the building.

Another concern was the way in which they classify their jumpers.   You can purchase different time allotments; which is fine.  However, this is what I perceived as a potentially problematic situation.  You are given a rubber or silicone bracelet of a certain color to indicate how much time you paid for.  As your time is up, there is an announcement made over their P.A. system that says something to the effect of, "If you have on this color bracelet, your time is now up."

You may ask, well what is the problem with that?  Nothing at all if we lived in a semi-normal world.  Since we live in a world where everyone, including our children are bent on trying to out-do one another or subject others to ridicule because of whatever reason, I feel that in making such an announcement, it gives those who have purchased a longer time period he ammo they would need if they chose to be callous towards those that purchased a shorter time. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Poetry McNugget

Poetry McNugget

Here I stand
Ready and willing
To be the man that
God intended
In order to be
The man who will
Forever mend
Your too often broken heart...

2016 Don Savant Poetry