Thursday, March 5, 2009

When Will It End?

When Will It End?
Ladies and gentlemen, I don't normally do race pieces or rants but, I think it's time for some things to see the light of day and be discussed. This is long overdue and if you read this, and feel like I'm talking to you, then listen very carefully and please apply it to your miserable life.
I've come to a realization since the latter portion of last year. I now know, why I could never be a republican. Before anyone gets offended, allow me to explain and know that, I'm not speaking for the entire party when I say this. I mean, when I voted, I didn't go straight Democrat so that in itself shows that I do believe that there are some good republicans in this world. As a matter of fact, this isn't really about the politicians, but the people that support them.
I'm an African American male and, I believe that I have a sense of humor far greater than most people. However, jokes that are directed towards myself and my race just for the sake of being ignorant to me is not humorous in any way. When will people let go of this racial mentality? Even the so called Christians walk around sneering at us and why? Because we are a different shade? The way I feel about it is, if we weren't wanted here then we should have been left where we were. None of us asked to come here. I guarantee you though that if it weren't for us, none of the things everyone takes for granted on a daily basis wouldn't exist. I know that's a strong statement but it holds true. Where would this world, especially the United States be without black people? Think about that.
Back on topic. Ever since Barack Obama won the Democratic party nomination I've personally experienced a level of racism that I've never before encountered. I live in the south, South Carolina to be exact. My state voted overwhelmingly for John McCain. Why? Because this state is full of "good old boys" that can't let go of the past. Most of the older people here still believe that slavery should be legal. You can see it in their eyes and in their mannerisms. This mentality has been passed down through generations of their families. Now you have a bunch of mud slinging, Confederate Flag toting' wannabe "Massas" running around here thinking they own the world. Now I'll be the first to admit that, as a race, some of us are a tad uncultured. That's because we struggled for so long that we're not used to having anything so, when we do get something, we normally don't know what to do with it, which would explain all the old Caprices, Crown Victoria's, etc riding around here with wheels on them looking like they belong on a tractor trailer. I'm not saying that we should all walk around with briefcases in suits and ties but we could do a little better by making wiser decisions financially. We aren't taught how to do that though, which is one of the biggest differences in the races. We try our best to keep each other down while Caucasians try their best to look out for each other with financial tips. My question is though, why aren't there more individuals, black white or other trying to assist each other and help one another become prosperous? I believe it's because deep down inside, we're still not wanted here.
Ever since the election, there have been racist whispers in the winds on the state. So many undertones in daily conversations. I'll give examples. My current job is selling electronics. That means I have to talk to a lot of people every day. Some I get along with very well, and others, well, anyone in a customer service based field knows what I mean. Occasionally, I encounter people that just want to come through and talk. Lately, those random conversations have taken a turn for the worse. I get things like, "you think your brother can really fix the economy?" My brother? Last time I checked, my brother lived in Atlanta, GA attending art school. So I say, what do you mean? To that I get the elbow in the side and the snicker..."you know your brother, you voted for him didn't you?" Then they walk off laughing as if they just made the best joke ever. Here's another example: I was walking through my department and I saw a guy staring at one of our Sony LCD Televisions. The man was darn near drooling so I approached him. I said to him, would you like me to load one of those up for you? His word for word response was, "Yeah, go ahead and load it up, we'll let Obama pay for it. Since he's supposed to be passing out all this stimulus money and cutting taxes for those of us that make under $250,000 a year and oh yeah, tax cuts, that is unless you buy gas or groceries or cigarettes or anything else. They won't call it taxes, they'll call it fees." Sir, I didn't ask you all that. I simply asked you if you were interested in buying a television. If you were not interested, a simple no, not at this time would have been sufficient
Comments like that make me realize exactly how far we have yet to go for equality in this world. That change needs to start internally by removing ourselves from the stereotypes that plague us as a people. We need to fight harder to have, secure, and keep our rights. It's already been said that Black History Month may be abolished. First they give us the shortest month of the year, and now they want to take it away completely. I do agree that our history should not just be taught in that time period but I also know that it won't be taught otherwise, especially if there's no reason to do so. That month raises awareness and keeps us in the know about people that school will never include in regular textbooks. Even big named papers like the N. Y. Times has individuals on its staff exhibiting that same childish behavior towards our new President. Presidents have been ridiculed before so that's nothing new, I mean, look at whom we just got rid of. The thing is though, you can make jokes about people without making it racial. The bottom line is, we're all here, the best thing we can do is get along, the worst things we can do is what we've been doing for the last 200 plus years. Wake up people. It's time.