Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stand Up!!!!!!!

How many of you are leaders? Who feels that they were naturally born to lead? I'm talking about real leaders, not someone doing dumb stuff and have dunb friends doing the same thing just because you're doing it. I mean the type of leaders that when others see what you're doing it makes them want to either go out and do the same or fix their own situations so that they can get things in order as well.

How many of you are trendsetters and not trend followers. Do you go against the grain or just take things as they are? Do we have any potential Dr. Martin Luther King's here? I think that more of us need to stand up and be leaders than to lay down and watch others do so. We need to step up our intelligence and be something besides haters and addicts. Stand up and get your self respect back because somewhere down the line we lost it. If we continue to let it go we'll lose it forever. We've got to stop being a part of the problem through our excuses and start being a part of the solution by acting. We've got to get out of the get high and get laid mentality and adopt one that will motivate us to motivate others to get up get out and make something of ourselves. We are our future, and if we can't look in the mirror each day and see the potential for greatness then we'll never amount to anything as a whole. It's time for us to stop tearing each other down and start building each other up. What happened to us? When did we lose sight or glory? When did we stop caring about ourselves? When did we stop wanting more by accepting less?

Who's ready to change that? It all starts with self.

This has been a Don Savant Public Announcement

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Dream.....

My Dream

i dream
a day of peace...
a day of
no worries and
no suffering
a day of
every heart mind and soul
throughout the land
that mother earth holds dear
i pray
for just one day...
no one is hungry and
no one
is broke...
a day when
no baby cries and
no one mourns
the passing of a loved one
I wish
for a day with no crime...
for a day
black and white
doesn't exist and
every nationality
embraces each other as
brother and sister and...
every religion
stops claiming that
theirs is the best and
that there's only one God
that we all serve and
no matter
how you translate His word...
it's still...
His word
I hope
that for one day
this world
can embrace itself and
put its differences in the past...
move forward yet...
still remember
how far it has come
to get to where it needs to go
just one day
the streets are clear
homelessness doesn't exist and
was yesterdays news
i want to see that
every one is smiling and
no one is violent or
short tempered...
i want
a day of
to remind us all of
how good life could be
if we would realize
that we all
share one common goal
and we will achieve it by
holding each other's hand and
walking each other through
rather than
tripping each other up and
stabbing each other in the back with
for whatever reason we've
given ourselves to
justify our ignorant ways
if we
reach out to one and
another then
we could all learn
and comprehend
the real definition
of life's true purpose
one day...

© 2009