Friday, December 18, 2015

If Only You Knew

If only you knew
I'd already planned the proposal
And picked the people in our lives...
To help me pull it off...

If only you knew
The faces I made at strangers
In return for the looks they would give
When they saw us walking by...

If only you knew that...
Which every step I took beside you and
With every breath I inhaled,
I exhaled thank You Lord
For the visions He gave me
For us...

If only you knew
That the smile I smiled
While I was with you
Was nothing compared
To the smile I smiled
When I was all alone thinking about you...

But all that is in the past so...

I guess all you'll ever know is
I wanted you...
I needed you...
I had you...
Then I lost you
For reasons I still cannot
Wrap my train of thought around
As I continue to
Run all over my memories of us
And what we used to be...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

For A Lifetime

For A Lifetime

I loved you
For a lifetime
In six short months...
From the birth of us
Through the life of us
To the death of what we shared
And I'm exhausted...
By the confusion and the lies
By the games...and the times when
I had no idea who you were...

I loved you
For a lifetime
However short lived
Every single bit of breath inhaled
Was a breath I was willing to give
And I took my time
To show you
Exactly who I am and
Exactly where we stood
Together with hearts connected
In a constant competition with self
To love you better tomorrow
Than I did today and
Than I ever could yesterday...

Yet I still fell short...
Because that lifetime of love
Only lived
On my side of us...

© 2016 Don Savant