Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is Profanity A Must?

Profanity has been a part of this world i'm sure as long as anyone can remember. It seems that everyone uses it in some way. It's in our movies, our music, even in our literature. In order to not sound like a hypocrite, I will say that I am absolutely not against profanity. What I am against is when it's used excessively. I am also against how these types of entertainment is geared towards our youth. There is a declining level of respect that our youth has for their elder generations, their parents, and themselves. Don't get this message mixed up though, there's more to blame than music and movies. I've never believed in pointing fingers, but I do think that someone needs to step up and figure out what went wrong.

I remember when I was coming up, our parents had a choice. All music outlets sold a clean and dirty version of every music release. Now, the only place that you can get that is Wal-Mart. The simple fact that they have that available means that everyone could have it available if they chose to do so. That's what life is about really, choices and decisions. My parents chose to kee me away from those lyrics and those certain types of entertainment. Today's parnts don't seem to care quite as much that their kids are picking up the wrong habits. That brings me to this question. Why is profamity so important?

Used in the right situation and or concept, I do believe that it has a place and serves a purpose but, when every third word you say is profane, then to me, that just shows a lack of profanity. To our kids though, the more the artists curses, the more they pay attention. What can you honestly say with a curse word that you can't by keeping a clean vocabulary?

In case you didn't notice, I haven't named any specific music genre or specified any demographic. That's because almost all music in included. Even r&b artists are using foul language more than ever. Whatever happened to just good old sangin'?

I love hip hop, I love r&b, I love gospel, I love some pop and rock..blues, jazz, and other types of muic. I've never ben picky about that. That's mostly due to the ecclectic mixture of music that I grew up on. I will admit though, that sometimes when listening to some music, I tend to pick apart things and I often find myself wondering why some artists don't use other words to make their point. Sometimes it'll get to the point where I'll just skip the song. I have nothing against music or movies but, it saddens me when I hear 9-10 years old quoting lyrics or movie scenes in their entirety, and no one is attempting to teach them any better.

You feel me?

Not hating, just venting....

Truth is truth.

-Don Savant

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Remember Me?

Remember Me
i remember how
we used to be cool like
you were my brother and
my mother
was your mother
and my pops....i think you get it
sometimes i don't know when to stop
when reminiscin on the past
wondering why some things don't last
as if our lives just fade away
and face to face just stays away but
here i am man looking at you
and it's like i just looked at you
for the first time...

ain't that somethin...
how time molds you
and makes you step outside your own shoes
just to fit inside another's
artificial man just stutter-ring through life
like dogs through hoops and
you keep throwing balls through hoops just
trying to score high as the next one
elevation stops at your neck
and then you stop.
and you realize
you don't recognize self anymore.

Original Writing By Don Savant
©2008 Real Writers/The Writer's Block™ Publishing, A Division of Black Son™ Enterprises, An SC Conglomerate Affiliate
All Rights Reserved