Thursday, February 4, 2010

To Black History

As you all know, February is Black History Month. I encourage all, black, white or otherwise to take some time out to learn more about the African Americans that have left a historic mark on this world. I also as that you not just do it within the confines of this short month, but do it at least periodically in order to gain more knowledge of who those individuals are. Whether it's on a worldwide, national, or local level, dig into the history of those that have made things possible for all of us. I'd like to take this time to introduce you all to one of my family members. His name is Albert Gray. Albert was the first Negro to attend Wofford College. In 1964, Albert Gray of Sptbg, SC enrolled at Wofford College, making him their first Negro student. He was drafted shortly after, but returned in '71 to finish his degree. After becoming a successful businessman, he joined Wofford's Board of Trustees. What I love an respect the most about this is the fact that he didn't enroll because someone for a group asked him to. He did it because he made his own mind up that he wanted to get his education at Wofford. A lot of people don't realize the power that lies in decision making..better yet, non-influential decision making.

Albert is such an inspiration to me simply because he had his dream, and he put a plan into action in order to achieve that dream. This is something that more of us need to do. there are far too many of us who want to do things but won't ever get anything going because of this excuse and that excuse. That's all they are, excuses. The only person or thing holding you back from anything at all in this world is you. It's time for us to get over ourselves and make things happen. There are so many followers in today's world. We're like big herds of cattle all following one another to wherever it is we're being led. We need more leaders, and we need them right now. That leadership starts in the mirror. It starts with faith. It starts with acknowledgment. If we believe we can do something then there should be nothing that can stand in the way of our getting it done. Here's to you cousin Albert!!!