Saturday, December 28, 2013

State of Mind Address

We live in a world today where males that can dance like Beyonce are celebrated more than males that graduate high school, college, and go through life without being incarcerated. We live in a world where people are more fascinated and amazed by a female twerking, than a female that is working her way to the top of her field. Babies are still having babies, and grandmas under 30 are becoming the "norm". We live in a time where there is more education available than ever before but we still choose to be ignorant about the decisions we make. We'd rather spread our business, then tell people to stay out of it than to take care of business and make something out of ourselves. We'd rather point and laugh at those who are struggling than to do what we can to help them out of it. We expect that since we were strong enough to overcome things in our lives that everyone else should have that same strength and pull themselves out of the hole they are in. We have so much hatred for our fellow man that we'd watch someone starve or thirst to death while we watch them, holding our own plates of food and glasses of drink. So many messages of love are lost in translation because real love has been misconstrued to the point where it's no longer recognized. We call the people in our lives fake because they don't do what we do the way we do it, or because they disagree with us in some sort of way. We no longer say exactly how we feel in order to get whatever it is off of our chests. Instead, we simply say that we're feeling "some type of way". We have all but lost the ability to think for ourselves because we listen to and believe each and everything we're told instead of finding the real truth for ourselves. We push the people that love us away, then cry about being alone. We date people who we know we shouldn't over and over again then make proclamations that there are no more good men/women left. We fail to take responsibility for the things in our lives that we have the power to change, and we do it all knowing that we can absolutely do better.

We want to claim change and a new "me" in the new year when those very changes should have been made a long time ago and at the end of this coming year, we'll be sitting here saying the exact same thing we're saying now.

What are we going to do?