Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Message From Don

Place no effort in figuring out the things you feel you cannot do. Instead focus on the things that you can. Once you do those things, you may find that what you struggled with previously may no longer be difficult.

Have a blessed day!!!

-Don Savant

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hustle HARD!!!

Are you willing to lose sleep in order to make your dreams a reality? What a bout friends? Are you ready to let go of your free leisure time to get where you need to be?

What all are you willing to give up to make all of your dreams come true? A real hustler will do whatever it takes if it means that much to him or her. Sleep and free time isn't important when you're working towards making the big picture clearer and clearer until it's right there in the palm of your hand.

When you do get there, don't get lazy or comfortable, move on to the next thing while maintaining the thing you just achieved. Always keep moving forward...keep growing...keep changing...keep reaching higher...keep LOVING what you're doing. Don't let procrastination or doubt slip in and take what you've worked so hard for.

If you plan to get it then get it properly planned and execute that plan by any means. No matter who says you can't, ALWAYS tell yourself not only that you can, but you will!!!

Let's get it done today!!! Seize YOUR moment!!!

Let's GOOOO!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Book Releases!!!

Battle of the Sexes II: The Poetic Rematch

Battle of the Sexes II: The Poetic Rematch is a continuation of the Mars Vs. Venus saga. It's an age old battle reformatted into a head to head display of poetic skills. Each sex is determined to come out victorious in order to prove to the other that they truly are the better of the two. Prepare yourself of an original journey through poetry.

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Unseen Voices: Life Inside The Asylum Vol. II

Unseen Voices is a poetry anthology featuring some of the poets from the message board. It is their thoughts in poetic form.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Be Active In What You Seek

Are you consistent in going after your goals, or are you on what I call the hot and cold or stop and go plan?

If you operate in that way you're more likely to give up on your dreams because during those cold moments you start to overthink things and then doubt sets in. The next thing that will happen is you'll start to feel that all of your efforts aren't worth it.

When you go after something you must eat, sleep, drink and live that thing. It has to become a way of life for you. It has to become something you think about constantly, something you're forever working to improve on. It can't just be an aspect of you has to be what you're identified by. When people see you or hear your name, it must be synonymous with that thing you're trying to be.

You must be willing to accept any setback as a challenge to move forward more aggressively. Keep fresh thoughts and ideas written down and always be in construction mode because the moment you stop building, you stop growing.

Actively seek the things you're after in life.

Let's grow people!!!


Family means the world to me. I love it when we can take the time to be around one another, to go to church and worship together, to vacation together, break bread and eat together. There's a feeling that just can't be explained. It's excitement mixed with anticipation and gratitude.

Your family members are the first friends you have in life so that connection is established early. Especially if you have a big family. No matter how much we try not to everyone has their favorite sibling or that favorite cousin aunt of uncle. It doesn't mean you love the rest of them any less, it's just that at that time in your life you were around those individuals more than others.

I remember every year we'd have our family reunion and everyone would show up. No matter what they had to do or how far they had to drive they were right there. It was such a great era in my life. Now that everyone has grown up and have their own lives to deal with, we don't show up anymore. We're too busy to pick up and phone and call or too busy to take just a moment to reestablish that family bond. The majority of us don't even know each other anymore. Our kids go through every day interacting with people that may possibly be their family but they will never know because as parents we're so preoccupied with everything else that we don't have the necessary time to show them who their people are.

I wish we could go back to the time when family was important...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Faithful Imagination

When we were children our imaginations would sometimes run away with us. We wanted to be doctors and lawyers, etc. Most of the things we pretended to be were things we took an interest in. Somewhere between being a child and becoming an adult some of lose the ability to imagine in that way. Our imagination is a gateway to our dreams. We all have them, it's natural for us. We all have something in life we'd like to accomplish, something we're good at and would love to do. We all have goals.

Unfortunately, being the impatient people that we are, we give up on those dreams before we can ever see them come to life. That's because if it doesn't fit in our timeline, then we feel that it's either impossible to accomplish or that it simply wasn't meant for us. Let me tell you this. We dream for a reason. There is purpose behind the things we want to do in life. We cannot expect everything to happen overnight, nor can we give up when we feel things aren't going the way they should. It's all a part of a plan has been designed for us.

It's important that we find that thing we wish to do and become as educated as possible in that field. For some that may mean to go for an institutionalized education with a degree in our field of interest. For others, it means to read, to research, to live through trial and error, never giving up on that which we feel in our hearts is for us. In live we must always be in a state of learning, so that we may properly grow, and also that we may commit to teaching those that are approaching the obstacles that we've already overcome. We must also have love, determination, drive and most importantly, faith. With these things in their proper place, there is absolutely nothing we cannot achieve. Keep moving forward!!!