Monday, August 30, 2010

Rise and Grind!!!!

It's a brand new day. It's grind time...!!!! It's time to put some of your ideas to work. Everything in this world that we say, do, eat, watch...everywhere we go, what we drive, etc...was all brought to reality from an idea from a concept. The cell phone we use, that was someone's concept. Let's take some time out to cultivate our own ideas and let those things manifest in our lives. Instead of sitting around waiting for the next big thing to hit the stores, let's create the next big thing for others to anticipate.

Let go hey!!!!!!

-Don Savant

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something I Just Read...

Painters paint, teachers teach, and poets poem. Lol

I think I may just have to "poem" after reading that. Happy "poeming" poets!!!

Ok, I'm done.

Love and blessings,

-Don Savant