Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear Maya

@DrMayaAngelou #MayaAngelou

Poetry Is (The Soul of Maya)

Poetry never fails me
No matter
Where I am or
What I'm going through...
Whether it...
Comes from me or
I'm drawn to it...
Poetry is always there...

It soothes my soul when my
Body aches and
When I itch that itch...
Unreachable itch that
Nags and nags...
Pushing me towards
The edge of insanity until...
Poetry steps in...
Somehow and some way...
Just to keep my mindset in tact

You can say that
With poetry
I always
And I never fully
Plunge to my
Untimely death...
When life arrives to
Kick me when I'm down

Instead I
Continue to
Break all of the odds that have
So strategically been stacked against me
Begin to
Take note of the air I breathe
No longer taking
Each rise and fall of my chest for granted

Poetry is a gift...
It is a present
Presented in the present
To preset itself to what presently ails me
Killing all doubt
All fear
And leaving room for nothing but
And success in the midst of
Every step
I am blessed to take forward

Poetry is
To me the
Language of God
Spoken through Him
To recover
What may have been lost and I
Am glad that
We were introduced...
Am glad to be acquainted with
The very soul of that powerful craft
That I plan to
Use to my advantage
From this day on...

An inspirational Piece Dedicated to the life of Poetry, through the soul of Dr. Maya Angelou