Monday, November 29, 2010

11.29.2010 4 A.M.

It's 4 am and the furthest thing from my mind is sleep. Why? Because to me, that's counter-productive. Sleep is an important part of life yes, it's kind of like hitting the restart button on your PC. It reboots...err...refreshes your mind and body, allowing all of your bodily functions to continue normally. However, contrary to that..the later it gets...the more I seem to function at a higher capacity level. Utilizing every moment of every day that you have is also important. Especially if you have goals to reach and dreams to make reality. That extra 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours of sleep may recharge you yes, but that could also be the period in which something that you've been waiting to happen comes to pass. Which is the greater risk? Losing a little sleep? Or missing an opportunity? I'm sure that answer will depend on the person.

I've heard people say that in order to to be successful, you have to be willing to do something different, you have to work to put a plan into action, you have to make sure you're doing something you're passionate about, and you have to want it just as much as you want to breathe. It's taken failed semesters in college as a Computer Technology Major and System Support Technician, and many years of migraines to figure out that although I love technology, it's not what I'm passionate about from a career standpoint. After all the classes and all the lectures, all the tests, and the hours over going through voice recordings, I came to realize that writing is my passion. Writing is the thing that moves and drives me...I absolutely love to create scenes, scenarios and moments for people to visualize, to embrace, to read and feel as if they are either a part of what is happening or that it's being written for or about them. I love the look of satisfaction and gratitude that comes from reading something that's well done, and I love even more when it's directed from things that I've written.

I also love to be able to assist people. On my job, I assist people daily...There have been times when I've gone through moments, hours, days, even weeks of frustration behind the things people ask, and the way they behave themselves. I've recently learned how not to let that aspect of what I do bother me. What I instead focus on is what lies underneath. Why I am there? To answer questions, to educate, to share what I've learned in hopes of creating a situation where the people that I am assisting can make an informed and conscious decision on the purchase they are attempting to make. That's what I love. That right there is what I hold on to that makes it worth it. Everything I've learned about my job, i did so not in a classroom, but by paying attention to trends, listening to feedback, gathering my own info, doing my own personal comparisons....

am I saying that I'm meant to do what i do on my job? In a sense, yes...but ultimately I feel I have a higher calling than that. You see, the part of the job that I can using, that I've begun to enjoy so much is the fact that I can create scenarios for people..I can create an atmosphere for someone and have them feeling as if they are in their own living room with their 55 inch television watching their favorite movie or their favorite sports team with a nice surround sound encompassing the room while they can almost feel every hit as the tackle is administered. I can make them want things they never even thought about owning because everyone has a personal want...or need, but most don't realize it until someone shows it to them. That is inspiration. There is nothing more powerful that inspiration and motivation and we all need that in our lives. Every individual is not an easy sell but if you build on what they want, deliver that, and then continue the story for them, adding what they could have in addition, or even pulling back to something more realistic for them...most will slowly gain an appreciation for you and before you realize will have their respect. Then they will start to seek and request you. they they won't even look at anything until they see you and get your opinion on it....because at that point, they trust you and they trust your judgment. Do I tell people what they should buy? No. I find out what they seek first..answer any and all questions, present questions of my own, all while building that story for them a little bit at a time...building until I pique their interest, and hopefully ending with a sale.

This is why I lose sleep. Not because I lack focus, but because I am focused. I'm focused on becoming the writer I've always wanted to be. The story-teller I know and I can be, and the man, I know I'm destined to be. The best part of it all, is that I'm not doing it for the money..I'm doing it because I absolutely love writing, I love poetry, and I know exactly how powerful words can be. I can be motivated by the first ray of sunshine that peeks over the horizon in the first stages of morning just as much as others think they can be motivated by a 6 figure paycheck. Not saying that it wouldn't be a blessed thing to see that because for me, it just means that I'd be able to produce more in order to help more and to share more with those that need more but to have that as my main focus, is not where my mind is at all. I will always have a love for electronics and technology, but it will always come second to my passion for literature.

Don Savant is coming. On way or another.....Be Blessed.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Thoughts...

I wanna hold you until...
the night's air
meets the coolness of the dawn and...
the cool dawn
meets the warmth of the day's sunlight...
we come full circle...
and over

©2010 Don Savant

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Words of Encouragement.

To be chosen in this world is a welcomed event. After years of just existing, it makes you realize that you truly do have a purpose for your life. Starting out in the beginning of life we are told repeatedly that God has a purpose for each of us. Some of us find and embrace it..others seek it until they grow tired. All that is required of you is to pay attention to your life and the things you do. We are all blessed with at least one talent. Your purpose usually lies within that. Don't give up!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My thoughts run like marathons in my mind..never-ending. Reaching for my dreams like a running back on the two yard line. Life acting like a goal line defense..on my heels trying to stop me from breaking the plane. Maintaining my sanity in a place where ignorance runs rampant..smiling every step of the way. I will not lose!!!

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