Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day


beautiful woman
i stand before you
a man that
honors you
adores you
and cherishes you
for the queen that you are

stand by you
side to side
hip to hip
in complete sync
with your mind
as our souls connect
through the will of God Himself

i stand
behind you
through all that you endure
no matter
how pressing the issue
or how deep
the situation

i'm here
with you...
for you...
excited to be
in the presence of
one of His
most significant creations


the one who is considered
by those that
choose not to take the required time
to acquire what is necessary
to know
and to understand
exactly who you are


whose true identity
is often lost in the translation
that man has created
to fit his ideals
who God designed you to be

our natural nurturers...
the host of our seeds and
supporters of our dreams

our wives...
the true mates to our soul
the one
made just for me


i love you
more than
any of these words
could ever display
more than any gift
that value could be placed upon

i love you
for your mere existence...
just because you are


because you were made for me

© 2012 Don Savant

Monday, February 13, 2012

Get Up and Get It!!!!

Welcome to Monday ladies and gentlemen!!!

So glad to see you all and to be in the midst of it. If we realized just how much control we have over our own lives, we would know exactly how amazing life can be. The quality of our lives is the sum of the decisions we make, the people we allow to influence us, how well we educate ourselves and how we react to the situations that arise. The power to change is, always has been and always will be within us. So many of us are waiting on God to "show up and show out" for us, not realizing that He's always been there helping us along the way. He's waiting on you!!!

Stop sitting there waiting for something to happen for you. You have to go out and MAKE something happen for you. In order to BE something, you must DO something because if you continue to do nothing, that's exactly what you're going to get.

Be active in your life, be influential, surround yourself with people of influence. The people you look up to should be visible in your life outside of a television screen or a magazine article, etc. Make your reality greater than the dream that lead to it!!!

Let's get it ladies and gentlemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Give Up!!!

If you feel you're not receiving the attention or recognition that you feel you deserve in what you're doing, don't let it frustrate you. I've seen many people quit something that they are great at, that they were meant to do all because they weren't getting the feedback and/or accolades they felt they deserved.

The truth is, we can't help but feel that we should be noticed for what we do but, the reality of it is, that won't always happen. However, there is ALWAYS someone checking for you. There is ALWAYS someone who appreciates you and what you do. They may not make themselves known or vocalize it to you but trust me when I say that they are taking note.

Your biggest opportunities in life will be offered by people you never knew existed, people that have been taking careful notes of what you do and have enjoyed it. You will have random people compliment you on what you do at the time when you least expect it. Let those moments keep you going. Let the fact that someone out there is digging what you do motivate you even when you don't see them. That's what faith is all about. Believing what and when you can't physically that see person or persons, that support or that love. It doesn't mean it's not there. You just have to have some patience and believe that what you're doing is not in vain.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Woman's Worth

If only she knew
how beautiful she is...
both inside and out
she'd know how
not just i but
how even the strangers in her presence
truly see her

if she could only feel
about herself
how i feel about her
everyone around her
feels about her
she'd know
exactly how loved she is...

gets lost in
misguided compliments and
knows only those who
give her the attention she craves and
in return she
bares her body
not realizing the beauty of her
mind and soul

she's empty...
not able to feel what real love is
through all of the
that she's encountered

if she
only knew
her true worth

if she
only knew the value
that not man but God
has placed on her life...
if she could feel something
other than the many hands that have
force-fed her iniquities
with their
shallow promises and
ill intentions

if she only knew...
that the attention she seeks was
already there
she would have never
fallen into the hands
of a world that loves to see us fail...
that loves when our women
demean themselves because it
gives them permission
to continue the trend...

if she would only
open her eyes to her surroundings
open her heart to some real truth
open her mind that she may think for herself
open her mouth to speak up and say
will I be subjected to this pain...
self destructive path
for I choose life
before I lose it completely

Wake up my beautiful females...you are far more than your physical attributes.

© 2012 Don Savant, Real Writing