Sunday, January 25, 2015

In My Own Shoes

In My Own Shoes

I've been
Drug through the trenches
Beaten senseless by
Daily occurrences...

With subjects and verbs I sit anxious
Waiting for the opportunity
To breathe again...
No matter how deep
How shallow
Or how long life will allow me to do so

I weep constantly
Not out of sadness but
In anticipation of the moment
That the plan God has for me
Will become clear
And oxygen fills my lungs more often...
So that my gasps of breath
Are no longer few and far between
And I can finally fly over the mountains
Whose valleys I've looked up from
Through each step of my journey...
Of trying to fit
Into my very own shoes

- Don Savant

Friday, January 2, 2015

Kiss And Say Goodbye

We could just kiss and say goodbye but what would be the point? Would it be to make sure one more time that our connection truly has died? Is it a subconscious selfishness that exists within you or me that is just begging for that last moment of contact to cherish forever? Did we really grow apart or did we purposely drive a wedge between one another?

If we do kiss just one more time, will it be the closure we need to say goodbye, or will it simply open up a portal of future what ifs to be played over and over again every time we see or think about one another from this moment forward?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Glitch In My Happy

It took a very long time for my New Year to be happy again, even though it still hasn't been received on the same level as it once was. Why? Because on January 1st of 1994, I spent the evening with my family in the emergency room awaiting the news that my maternal grandmother had passed away. Since then, the fall/winter holiday stretch has not been my favorite time of the year. From Labor Day weekend, where I lost my maternal grandfather way back in 1978 to the middle of October when my paternal grandmother passed away. Then there's my oldest sister who passed away right at Thanksgiving and my dad who passed away on Christmas Eve.

As if that were not enough grief through sad memories to deal with, I find out today that my great-aunt has passed away.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year