Monday, November 24, 2008

What Are You Thankful For?

It's the time of year when people gather together to be with family and friends. It's a time where people stop for a moment to give thanks for different reasons. I believe that we should give thanks each and every day but, this is the holiday/season where it is focused on the most.

Gratitude is a powerful thing. I didn't realize that until recently. I always said thank you for things, but it was only the major or life changing things. I didn't take into account that every detail of life is a life altering one and that I should be grateful for even the smallest things whether they are positive or negative. I don't think I'm the only one who neglected to recognize that fact.

In church, the message always comes up to praise even during your darkest hour, give thanks in every season and you will be prosperous. I remember sitting in church getting frustrated because there was always an older member that would get up and say they had a testimony. Each and every time you'd think it would be something major that may have happened to cause them to want to testify. Instead, it usually went something like...Lord, I just want to thank You for waking me up this morning, I thank you for the coffee in my cup and the bread on my plate Lord. If it weren't for You I'd be hungry and wanting. I thank you Lord for putting my feet on the floor and my behind in this seat so I can hear this word today.

We all used to sit there like what? That's normal everyday stuff. When you think about it though, every day is a blessing. Every step we take and every breath we inhale is a testimony. It may sound trivial but, we are here. We should all be thankful for that. Nothing in this life is promised to us. We take entirely too much for granted in this world. We we say thank you, we should do so in detail to show how truly grateful we are for the things that we have, even if it's not much, it's more than likely more than what someone else has.

No matter how much success you have or how little you have, there's always someone with more or less than you. Be thankful than you don't have less, an your gratitude will help you get more. When you pass that along, it creates a harmony. When you show someone you're grateful to them they'll end up doing the same for someone else. It's one of the tools to true prosperity.

When you're sitting wherever you're going to be this Thanksgiving, think about the people around you and be grateful for them, let them know how much you appreciate them and how much it means to you that you all were able to see each other once again. Afterwards, remember that even though Thanksgiving only comes once a year, being thankful should be an every day affair.

-A message from Don Savant

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Out And Vote!!!!!!!!

if you haven't already please make sure you do.

when you do...use your better judgment so that you make the right decision....

forget the media...forget color, gender, and age...

vote for the man you know will get the job done and steer us in a better direction than the last 8 years have taken us.

when you consider all of the above...there's only one obvious choice to make.

Monday, November 3, 2008

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A Quote From Don Savant

" In this life, we're all under water. We have the choice on whether to learn to swim quickly, or to drown slowly."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Quote From Don Savant

"The more you complain, the more you'll have to complain about."

-Don Savant