Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get Up And Go Get It!!!

Life never came with any guarantees. No one can ever tell you truthfully that you will be here tomorrow because the truth is, no one knows. Things can happen so quickly, especially in today's world. That's why it's important to do all that you can every single day to make something out of yourself.

What are you doing right now in this moment to make tomorrow better if you're able to see it?

You can't try and give up when things don't go as you either have to try it again, try it a different way or try something else altogether. There is no such thing as overnight success...there's is a lot of work behind the scenes that takes place. if you're not willing to put in the work, then honestly, you're not the man for the job.

In order to get somewhere, you have to go somewhere and can't nobody get it like you.

What are you waiting on? Tomorrow?

Go get it!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Dream

I dream of a day when I can wake up and smile at the beauty lying in bed next to me. When I can say, "get some more sleep honey, I'll get the kids up and ready".

I long for the day when I can plan out our date night, when I can use my mind to come up with creative things to do for her "just because".

I ache for the day when I can tell her I love her and she replies with "I love you too" and know with all my heart that she means it just as much as I do if not more.

I'm a husband without a wife...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Google Yourself

Every now and then I find it entertaining to google myself and see if anything new or interesting pops up. I've decided to share some of the link that come up when I google Don Savant...

Here goes!!!


Don Savant, Poet Extraordinaire on facebook

Don Savant (Causes) on facebook





Google Books




The POV Lounge

Mingle City


Barnes and Noble



American Author


Check me out!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Question of the Day January 3rd, 2013

The world we live in seems to have become one where a lot of us pride ourselves on doing illegal things. It makes me wonder if things were reversed, how different it would be. For instance, if drugs were legal, would there be more people doing them or less? If you take the thrill away, no one wants to do it anymore.

I said all that to ask this...

If supporting someone in their endeavors were made illegal, would more people support people like myself out here trying to make a name for themselves?

Something to think about.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Question of the Day January 2nd, 2013

If confidence was legally available in pill for with a prescription would you go through a mandated doctor's 4 hour mental exam in order to obtain that prescription?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!!! Somebody thank God this morning for waking you up to see the first day of a brand new YEAR!!! Take advantage of the opportunities that God places before you. Don't second guess yourself because you're really second guessing Him when you do. He knows exactly what you're capable of because He's the one that made you capable of it!!! Reach out and grab your purpose right now!!! Don't let it be on the verge of 2014 and you're making the same empty promises to yourself that you are now. It's time to MOVE!!! Dream it, do it, visualize it, vocalize it, get it and see how much you grow in God!!!! Let's GO!!!!

Right Now

(Poetic Theme for 2013)

opportunities come...
they go
then they come again...
and we watch them pass us by

we stand there waiting
excuse after excuse
as to why
it wasn't the right time
to move

we say
we're waiting on God while...
God wonders
what we're waiting on

He knows
your goals
and your dreams...

He knows
your purpose
Created you for it

now is the time
right now...
in a minute or
in a
little while but
right now...

in this moment right here
is your time to
find yourself

it's your time to
find your purpose

it's your time to
the things that God has
placed within you

it's time to
get the play
and the fear out of your mindset
and go DO
what it is your were
created to do...

it's time to GET
what God
has for you and only you

it's time to GROW

it's time to realize that...
in an awakened mind state
waiting for you
to put into ACTION

the time is NOW...