Monday, March 26, 2012

Pursue Your Dreams

If you have a passion for all means pursue it. If something you do in particular makes you happy when you do it...pursue it!!! Don't worry about who tells you that you can't or shouldn't be doing it. It's your dream...your gift, not theirs.

Actively participate in the things in your life that make you feel alive!!! Live ladies and gentlemen...starting right now...LIVE!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grateful For Life

Every time my lungs expand and contract, I know it's God breathing life into me and it's such a glorious's such a humbling experience because I know that it's because of Him that I'm here. It's because of Him that I live and breathe. It's because of HIM that I'm BLESSED. I know I'm still a work in progress but Lord I'm willing to change whatever it is that needs to be changed in order to be who YOU designed me to be. Everything I say, i do, and I am is part of something bigger than myself. For that I am truly grateful.

Recondition Your Thoughts

A lot of things in our lives revolve around repetition. If we think negatively, that means that we've constantly been around negative people and situations. We've conditioned ourselves through repetition to believe what we can't do. It's time we reverse that and start telling ourselves what we can and will do. Repeat it until it comes naturally for you to do so. Repeat it until you believe nothing else in your life to be true. Then live it like your life depends on it because the truth does. Be positive, live positive and surround yourself with positive influences.

Back to work I go. Y'all have a good one.

-Don Savant

When You Realize

People have the common misconception that you are grown as soon as you hit the age of 18. From a legal standpoint, this is true, but it in no way signifies that you are indeed an adult in stature or maturity.

You are not truly grown until you realize that the things you're doing, saying and participating in coupled with the people you are surrounding yourselves with are not helping you grow and prosper in any way. When you make this realization and start to plan things, start to write out and execute the things you'd like to accomplish in your life and actually start doing them. That's when you can officially call yourself grown.

Let's grow people!!!

-Don Savant

Take A Moment...

I know we all lead busy lives...we skim over things when we should really read thoroughly for full comprehension. We go into things blindly when we should have taken a few more moments to assess what it is we're diving into. We jump into relationships without really knowing the person we're sharing ourselves with. We neglect our loved ones...our elderly...our children...because we're too busy to give them a moment of our time. We're doing a whole lot of running around yet we truly aren't getting anywhere...because the people...the things..and the situations that really need our attention are not getting it. Stop and take a moment to love, fellowship and cherish the things and people in your lives that matter. In that may lie something you really need to continue moving forward.

-Don Savant

Never Stop Moving Forward

No one ever said that life would be easy. But, if you do the right things, make the right decisions, stay focused on your goals and surround yourself with the right will be well worth it when you get where you're supposed to be.

Don't take your struggles for granted...they will help build and strengthen you.

-Don Savant

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Fear of Forward Progression

The things in life that are the worst for us are usually the hardest things to let go of. Even in our times of struggle we get comfortable and don't want to move out of them for the fear of things getting worse if and when we do. All the while that thing we're supposed to be doing...what we were meant to do is staring us down waiting for us to realize that it's there and always has been. We always say we're waiting on things to happen when the fact of the matter is...those things are waiting for us to breathe life into them. Your purpose in life cannot be carried out without you.

What are you waiting on?