Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Faith and Patience

Allow me to reintroduce you to two of life's biggest secrets to unlocking the entire world to you. Faith and Patience. In order to achieve anything, these are two of the key elements that you must have within you. Along with, drive, determination, will, and self esteem, these two attributes can take you anywhere you'd like to go. Belief and faith go hand in hand. If you believe in God then you must have faith. In order to believe in yourself, you must believe in God. Gather your thoughts and leave your mind open to any and all possibilites, and leave no room for negative thought to plague your pending prosperity. If you want something, you can't sit around moaning about not being able to get it. I can't is an outrageous and a very untrue statement. It is the words of someone who is lost nd needs to be redirected. You can do anything in this world, and can be whatever it is you wish to be. Sometimes in order to reach your goals, you must dream past them. Also, sometimes it takes encouragement from people outside of your circle because in some cases, the people closest to you are the ones who bring you down the furthest. If there is anything that you absolutely love to do, then that, is exactly what you should be doing.

Be Blessed.

Who Am I?

Allow me to reintroduce myself.......

My name is Don Savant...my title is Poet Extraordinaire. I am the voice of the past that the present needs to hear in order to secure a future.

I am words, I am music, I am that lyric that reminds you of who your should be. Follow me, and I'll show you who you are so that you may be that to the best of your ability.

I am a true gentleman...not by today’s standard, but in the shadows of what the term used to mean. I’m me regardless of who thinks I should be something or someone else. I come from a long line of strong willed genes...all with hustler spirits and a string sense of unity of the family front. When I say something to you, I mean it because anything less would be complete bullcrap and would go against who I have grown to be.

I sometimes lose myself in my writing but, I always find myself again within my lines. I am the truth as told by God, passed down through self and passed on to others.

If you haven’t already heard of me, stay tuned...because you will.

I thank all of you that have supported me through the years...friends and family..

I thank all of you have have both vocally and silently waited for my failure...

Whether you like me, love me, hate me or loathe me...I will move forward...not because I said so, but because God said so...

If you know me, keep in touch, If you don’t...it’s time we get acquainted. I will be known...and my success is imminent.

Be blessed everyone......I wish you all the best.....

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Color of Sound

I have never been a political person. As a matter of fact, I could care less about who was running our country. These days, my opinion is just a little different. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not deep into politics, but I am for a change, if it is for the better. That brings me to the reason for this post.

I was browsing through a message board the other day and, someone posted a thread about why he thought black people were standing so closely behind Obama. He asked what black people feel they could get out of a black president. My reply to him was this...

If you were blind..and could only LISTEN to what's being presented to you by the presidential nominees and race was never mentioned...

who would get your vote?

Think about that. If race or gender was not evident in this election, and instead of seeing the candidates on television and on youtube, or what ever source that exists for video entertainment, who would be your choice? If we had to read transcripts of the plans of all three candidates and base our decisions off of what we are reading, which candidate would make more sense to you? We have one that is almost promising more of what we have right now, and then we have 2 others that have similr ideas but are getting the across so differently that it's not evident what the plan of one may clearly be. I'm not going to sit here at this moment and tell you who I'm choosing, but my choice, makes sense to me. I will say this though, concerning Barack, since some people choose to only focus on the color of his skin. Judge not, because his outward appearance is not 100% of who he his. He is a man of mixed heritage and he is proud of who he is, he is proud to be in the position that he is in and has worked as hard as any man, no matter his nationality, to accomplish what he has.

The next time you see these candidates on television, close your eyes. Listen to their ideas. Apply them to yourself and see whose mindset if the closest to the one we need running this country, instead of the one you know will further ruin it.

R.I.P Xavier

Hello everyone, this ya dude Don Savant. This is my first blog here in my spot and I'm going to use it to pay tribute to one of our little fallen soldiers. As you all may know, rapper/actor Xzibit was recently blessed with a baby boy. Unfortunately, as posted on his myspace blog, the little guy didn't make it. Let's all pay our condolences as he goes through this rough time in his life. I usually don't pay attention to things that are reported about celebrities because the media usually only reports garbage, but since this is pretty much straight from the source, decided that it was worth a mention. This is what was posted in his blog.

Monday, May 26, 2008


AS you all know, I shared with you the announcment of my newborn son Xavier Kingston Joiner on may 15th and also informed you that he was born prematurly. well this week was extremly difficult for him because his lungs were not strong enough to handle regular oxygen on his own. Xavier passed away this morning at 3:30am and I must tell you this, It is unatural for a parent to bury a child. I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when im having great times, life is too short to be fake. Hold on to your kids if you have them, protect them and show them you love them everyday you wake up and see them, dont take a second you get to hug them teach them and care for them for granted. You can have all the material wealth in the universe but it is NOTHING compared to having your family. I am thankful for all of my blessings and im not one to question God's perfect plan, so I leave you with great love and thanks for the love that was sent earlier on my pervious blog to my son. Of course I need to take some time and handle my loss, STAY FOCUSED PEOPLE. Its not promised to any of us.

R.I.P Xavier May 15th 2008- May 26th 2008