Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where Are They Now?

You used to see them every day. Whether it was on the bus early in the morning or, in the hallway before, between, during and after classes. Maybe you shared a lunch with them or, met them after school. At whatever point you saw them, they were your friends. They were the people that you always thought would be in your life.

Fast forward some years and, where are they? Where are the ones that you've known since you could ever remember knowing anyone? Why is it that we have to leave people behind or vice versa when we grow up? Everyone makes their own choices in life. Some good, some bad. Some of us are still looking to find ourselves, and others have already accomplished what we set out to.

Looking back, I wonder if graduating from high school is life's biggest collective goodbye, followed only by college graduation if you choose to attend. Sure, you may have one or two high school or college friends that you either still hang out with or, still call every once in a while and yes, you may run into this person or that one occasionally but...It's nowhere near the same.

The ones that you were closest to, the ones that you used to cut up with and talk to the most barely know or acknowledge you now. It's as if a friendship was never established. Why do we allow this to happen? After all the K.I.T.(keep in touch) messages followed by phone numbers that are left in our yearbooks, how do we all become such strangers. Why are reunions so awkwards at times? These are the people that you would ride for and they would ride for you, but somewhere during the growth process between 17 and 30, your memory is wiped clean and you can't reach out to those people like you used to. Even if you did try to bond with them all over again, it would be so fake that neither party would benefit.

God bless the relationships that are still in tact after everything and all the time has past but listen, if you considered me a friend then, why aren't we friends now? If we never argued, never fell out over anything or anybody, where is the love?

I saw you the other day and you didn't even acknowledge me. I used to make you laugh so hard that milk would come out of your nose. You used to have a crush on me and vice versa but now you can't even speak? I shared my lunch tickets with you...and then lied to the cafeteria lady saying that i lost mine just so you would have a bite to eat, and I can't even get a simple "what's up" out of you?

I don't knock anyone's hustle, and if you've accomplished something in your life, no matter how small or monumental it is, I'll be the first to offer you congratulations. Just call a brother and let me know. That same home phone number I put in your book then still exists. Where you at?