Thursday, April 21, 2022

I'm Proud of You! Pt. 1

I'm so proud of you! I've been told this a lot in my life. I've been told by my dad, my mom, some uncles and even friends. But out of everyone and everytime I've heard it, I never believed it from anyone besides my parents. I guess that should be enough but for me, it isn't. One of my greatest goals in life as a writer has always been to help people heal in whatever way they need it. I write mostly about love; but I also write about life and the things we can go through in it. I generally write from personal experience or from the perspective of people closest to me that I know have been through whatever the topic may be. I believe that's why a lot of people feel my poetry the way they do and why most relate to it so much. I know that this gift that I have was given to me for a reason and I've seen how pwerful it can be. I've had people ask me to write poems for their loved ones, for their significant others, for the passing of family and friends. There have also been a couple of incidents where something I custom wrote has saved marriages. Then there are some that have used my poems on their dates and others still who have used them in their weddings videos. It's an amazing feeling. It's a feeling that makes me smile because it gives me purpose. Lately though, I haven't felt any of that at all. TO BE CONTINUED