Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Word About Paula Deen

I think it's sad that we still live in a world where race is so prevalent. There is far too much separation between us based on it and too many that are stuck in the mindset that says that one race is better than another. The truth of the matter is, we were ALL created in the image of God. He didn't created us to be unequal and to judge, bully, ridicule and fight one another over superiority. He created us to rule over this land, not one another.

I do not in any way condone the things that Ms. Paula Deen has said and done. However, I make no judgment upon her for one because it is not my place and two, the culture she was raised in says that type of thing is okay. Is she old enough to know better? Of course. Is she perfect though? No. None of us are. I am confident that each one of has has said or done something in our past whether recent or not that would completely embarrass us if it were ever brought to light.

I've watched Ms. Deen on television for years and that person, that personality is the one I will always remember. The one that has been brought to light right now will soon be an afterthought and while we move forward, she will be left to ponder what she is going to do for the rest of her life.

Mistakes are as common as breathing. We all make them and we should all see forgiveness for them. The thing about human beings though is that we are quick to want to be forgiven but it would take an act of congress for us to forgive someone. A lot of us ask why she would do and say such things but the bigger question in this is what do we do to fix it? How do we change this culture of race and class? How do we move forward when we are clearly so deeply damaged that we cannot move from where we've always been?

Someone somewhere has to make a decision to embrace this situation and use it as an opportunity to grow and for the change that we need in this world amongst ourselves to take place. Guess where that starts? With YOU!!! With US!!! With God at the head of all we do, leaving all burdens for Him to bare we can endure all things and what someone says or does will have absolutely no bearing on who we are and what we have said or done.

The bottom line is, we have all done something that we need to be forgiven for so let me end this by saying, Ms. Paula, I love you and I forgive you. Now let's heal and begin our forward progression.


-Don Savant, Poet Extraordinaire