Monday, July 16, 2012

The Power Of The Tongue

Life can be as difficult or as easy as we tell ourselves it is. Most of us don't realize the power we possess within ourselves, while a lot of us that do choose to use that power against others instead of for ourselves and others.

Start speaking things that help as opposed to things that hinder. So many of us disguise maliciousness as "just being real" or "keeping it 100" when in actuality you're really just keeping yourself in a place where your mind or spirit cannot grow.

Release yourself from the bondage of your own thoughts and tongue. Speak things into existence that will prosper you...speak greatness over those that have wronged you. I know it's easier said than done but at the same time, if it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing.

Things you have to work for are the things in life that are worth more. Stamp that on a t-shirt and display it proudly.

Love y'all!!!

Poetry: Overcoming


trying to get
the best of me but
i know i have...
His best in me so
is a way of life

it's encoded
in my DNA
to succeed and
the only person
that can
keep me from doing so
the space in my mirror

he's so
when i smile
he smiles back...
mimicking my
every gesture as if it's
some form of mockery
but i know that
it's God watching me
just to see that I'm
doing the things
He designed me for

© 7.15.2012 - Don Savant

The Beauty Of Life

As human beings, we can take the most beautiful things in the world and destroy them out of selfishness. Instead, we should cherish them out of love. God gave us so many things to enjoy on this earth yet we continue to ruin them. Let's begin to restore things in our lives. Let God heal what's ailing us and start to appreciate Him for all He does and for everything He's provided us.


Don Savant Confession: I Almost Gave Up

I used to frequent the message boards on Tyler Perry's website. I'd been silently fighting my worst bout with depression at that point. I was on the edge, literally about to jump over. In a moment of desperation I reached out on the forum. At the rate people posted there, I knew I wasn't going to get a reply from anyone. Almost immediately, I received an e-mail from 3 individuals encouraging me. One in particular started keeping a check on me daily. She informed me a few days into our correspondence that she'd looked me up on the net and found some of my poetry. She used the very thing i was blessed with to turn around and bless and encourage me. Not a week later, I ran into a gentleman at work seeking to find out how he could have his upcoming book carried in our store.

After speaking with him, he gave me the info to contact his publishing company. If it were not for Tyler Perry's website, the young lady that reached out to me and the gentleman that shared his info with me, Don Savant's Book of Poems, Sonnets and Vows for Relationships and Weddings and all that I have done after it may not exist. This is a shining example and testimony of how God will send you exactly what and who we need right when He knows we need it the most. Don't give up on your dreams y'all. They are placed in you for a reason. Things may get may seems as if there's no way but He will always make a way for you if you just hold on.

I hope this blesses and encourages someone.