Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Venting..

I just had to vent somewhere about this situation that I've encountered with a so-called book reviewer. I promised myself I wasn't going to get upset or say anything directly to the person but, tell me if you think this is as messed up as I do.

I checked my e-mail, it's probably been about a month said, so and so wants to be friends. SO I check my myspace page, and there's a friend request from so and so introducing himself and what he does and blah basically he's a book reviewer, and I'm like great..I need book, After reading his intro and him saying please add me especially if you feel you could use my services, I say cool..and i add him.

A few days later, I send him a messsage that basically says hello, i'm Don Savant, I have a book of poetry that I'd like you to review, and I wanted to know the fee for your services and the way in which you do what you do...

I waited a few days for and reply and when I got it, it was this...

"Got too many to do right now..."

That's it...I never responded because if I had, he more than likely would have removed himself from my friends list. I just thought that it was unprofessional of him to add me, tell me what he does, offer his services then come with, got too many to do right now. That's like someone coming to you saying, hey man, i wanted to see if I could borrow 50 bucks from you, my light bill is due tomorrow and i don't have it all. Then the friend says yeah, you can borrow it, and he goes to his house to get it and he says ahhh, don't have it right now.


Maybe it's just me..but I mean, he could have said, hey, I'm tied up at the moment but get back with me at this time and I'll see if I can get around...I mean,....ah well..I'm done venting...

speak on it y'all.

Y'all be blessed.