Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Division Never Adds Up

We were all born out of love.  Now I know that we each were individually born into different situations; some with loving parents, and some with parents or a parent that could care less about them.  That's beside the point though.  The point is... God loved each of us to have us ushered into this world.  Inside of each of us is a heart that is designed to feel, to be compassionate and to be empathetic to our brothers and sisters on this Earth. 

Things are unsettled here.  They have been for quite some time.  There has been a thing called "race" that has caused a rift between us all on the name of skin color.  At some point in history, a group of individuals felt that they were better than another group. Since then, that hatred has been taught and passed down through generation after generation.  Almost 400 years later, that hatred is still a thorn in our side.

The love that was born, bred and breathed into us is on life support.  If we don't get ourselves together soon, I fear God will grow tried of us all and simply pull the plug on our entire existence.

Let's get it together people.  Let's build a mindset of love and embrace one another as the children of God that we were designed to be.