Sunday, May 7, 2017

M.E.M.E. New Poetry Kindle Book From Don Savant



So many of us know, not only what the word means, but how it feels. Many of us have been at the place we call rock bottom. The thing is though, that rock bottom is different based on the individual and how low they can get before it's too low to bear. The thing is struggle is good. It's necessary. Struggle is life-changing, and when applied correctly, it can have a very positive effect on the rest of your life.

How? I mean, struggle sucks!

Right, it does suck. However, if we never struggle, we can never fine-tune our lives to get to the places we were intended to go. If we never struggle, then success can be taken for granted. I'm not saying that it can't be taken for granted even after struggle but, going through something give you a greater appreciation. It gives you a different angle of perception for where you had to go to get to where you are.

Long post short, be grateful for your struggle because it is instrumental in building you up to be who you will become.

- Don Savant