Friday, August 1, 2008

Fallen Soldiers (Family Members That We've Lost)

Fallen Soldiers
we never know
why God
takes us away from family or
takes family away from us but
we know that
has a purpose
for every action...
for every season that we go through
it's difficult
to say good-bye to those we love
whether you
see them everyday or
only on occasion but
memories seem to
bring smiles to our faces over time and
some of us
tend to
learn from
our fallen soldiers
just speaking for self it
makes me
want to
dig deeper within self
and pull a better version out and
make no mistakes and
not take things for granted because
we don't know
exactly when
our names will be read
in those black and white pages
you have departed us physically
but best believe...
mentally and spiritually
you'll always be here

Original Writing By Don Savant©2008 Real Writers/The Writer's Block™ Publishing, A Division of Black Son™ Enterprises, An SC Conglomerate AffiliateAll Rights Reserved