Friday, May 20, 2022

A Blast From The Past

It was recently announced that Disney was about to release what is supposed to be the return of the Rescue Rangers. I was initially excited for this, as it was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Upon the release of the trailer, there were a few things that troubled me. Their voices and that only one of the characters is cgi...then there's this Roger Rabbit-esque libe action aspect. After viewing the trailer, I'd convinced myself that I was not going to watch it. Fast forward to today, the date of release to Disney Plus. I woke up at 6 am to a notification that it had been released. My early morning inquisitiveness led me to open the app and press play. So i watched. And I actually enjoyed what I watched. For the most part anyway. I won't spoil the movie for anyone else but I'll just say that the things that bothered me about the trailer also bothered me throughout the movie itself. However, it was not enough of a bother for me to completely dismiss what is actually a decent movie. Now I've never been one to be totally against sequels and reboots/remakes, etc. I'm a firm believer that the original work will always stand on its own. That's why I will never understand people that say things like "childhood ruined" or won't watch because they don't want it to harm the nostalgia of the original. First thing is, your childhood is over. I don't think that anything that takes place today can change, let alone ruin something that has already taken place. So that stance, doesn't completely make sense to me. Still, if you do feel that way, then you don't have to watch it. But, 99% of the time, most will anyway if nothinv wlse than to confirm how bad it is so it supports their thoughts about it. I will admit that there arw aome remakes that I've refused to watch over the years. But its never been because I felt that it would ruin the original; just that it really didnt look good enough for me tobtake the time to watch. So with all that said, I say that if you were were a fan of the Rescue Rangers, give it a chance. If nothing wlse but to see familiar characters from your childhood on the screen together again. Not to mention all the cameos that put in. Overall, I give it a 3.5/5.